Welcome to my Studio!  


My name is Rubia van Roodselaar, and I am an Architectural Designer and Fine Artist living and working in California.  


Creativity is my life. I was born in Brazil into a family of artists and entrepreneurs and became a Jewelry Designer by my mid-teens. Once in college, I bounced around

the Americas collecting inspiration in universities, colleges, and studios throughout the United States, Canada, and Brazil with some truly remarkable instructors, architects, artisans, designers, and artists.  I have dwelled in jewelry workshops, photo studios, welding/metal casting stations, and printmaking shops; bent metal and cut wood into every shape and direction possible; experimented with pigments in every form, texture, and flow; poured ceramics, resin, concrete, and gesso; and learned printmaking by a direct relative of Gutenberg while looking at original Rembrandts for reference.  


Architecture school brought me into another dimension of mediums as well as digital 3D modeling, movie making, printing, and rendering,  leading me to cross-experiment it all in the hopes of satiating my curiosity and creativity.  Fortunately, I am still curious, continuing in the path of discovering new expressions of thought and exploring the greater human experience.  

Thank you for being here, sharing these experiences...